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Bliptronic 5000

Articles about Bliptronic 5000:

Free Music SoftwareWOK has introduced Blip1000, a free matrix step sequencer instrument for Windows.

Blip1000 is inspired by matrix synths for the iPad and hardware like the Bliptronic 5000, which were derived from software like ToneMatrix, which was inspired by devices like the monome and the Tenori On….

Here’s what the developer has to say about Blip1000:

Got a windows touchscreen computer and miss these cool apps like on the iPad?

Now you can generate MIDI sequences with a touch of your finger. Also great for controllers like Novations launchpad (together with Automap).

Blip1000 is a MIDI sequencer VST plugin. It plays mono- or polyphonic sequences depending on the selected notes and the enabled trigger buttons. Host sync with different speeds, swing, several play direction modes and MIDI controller learn – try it for free and start making music now!

If you give Blip1000 a try, leave a comment with your thoughts! Read more…


This quick jam, by Charlie Visnic, is a test of two new Bliptronomes that he just finished assembling.

The Bliptronome is a monome-style music controller, based on the Bliptrononic 5000.