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avant garde

Articles about avant garde:

Matthijs Munnik’s Microscopic Opera is an abstract opera, performed by the micro-organism C. elegans – a tiny worm of less than a mm in length, and the workhorse for genomics research.

Here’s what Munnik has to say about the work:

The completely worms are monitored by scientist from their first cell division to their death and have gone trough thousands of generations of manmade mutations and alterations.

In this piece I give them a little influence in the macroscopic world outside their petridish.

Each petridish contains different strains of C.elegans, that each move in a different way. All petridishes are filmed with a usb microscope and shown live on one of the five screens. Special software translates the movements of the worms into sound in real time. (5 channel)


YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: The Lemon Synthesizer is a performance/installation/musical work, created by Akemi Takeya, that uses a ‘citrus-based interface’.

From the official project notes:

Naturally occurring voltages in lemons are used as signal controllers for an audio synthesizer to manipulate audio processing.

The contents of a lemon are never stagnant and are constantly changing and self-renewing. With this bio-machine, Takeya sets a unique approach to art, science and invention.

Takeya lives and works in Vienna.

via MAKNite