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Articles about AudioTool:

Browser Based Music Software: This video demonstrates a HTML 5 + Javascript synthesizer running in a modified version of Firefox (Minefield).

We’ve seen some impressive browser-based synths and virtual music studios, like AudioTool, in the past, but they were Flash-based.

By building music apps on Web standards like HTML 5 & Javascript, it should eventually be possible to create browser-based music applications that run on the Web, on iPhones, iPads and a variety of other platforms.

I’m a little skeptical about the prospects for browser-based synthesis, especially when you consider the relatively glacial evolution of browser-based synths vs other platforms. It’s clear, though, that there will be a place for this sort of thing.

What do you think of this HTML 5 synth – and the idea of browser-based synths in general?

via Corban Brook



The Audiotool Team has announced that Audiotool 1.0 Firestarter is now available:

We are proud to release Audiotool 1.0 Firestarter, a music making online platform.

Two years ago we started with a simple idea: Everyone should be able to make music online through their browser without the need to install any additional software. This proof of concept was a great success and since then we have continually updated Audiotool with new features, as well as, pocketing a Red-Dot Award and a German Design Award.

However we have never considered any of the updates worthy of the being the 1.0 release, until now.

Version 1.0 Firestarter

We have spent the last year developing the technical breakthroughs necessary for the release of 1.0. Try new devices like the amazing Pulverisateur synthesizer to enhance the spectrum of your tracks and even create audio tracks with high-quality loops delivered by Publish your tracks to the new Audiotool community or work on them privately for as long as you like. Publish them after finalising and let other musician remix your tracks, depending on the license you specify.

Give Audiotool a try here.