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audio sampler

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The video playlist above features an overview of Native Instruments’ Battery 3, along with a series of tutorial videos.


Flickr Video

via Omenie comes this preview of Ellatron 1.3, the iPhone virtual Mellotron.:

Captured from the simulator, Ellatron now comes with chord banks. 16 banks, each bank holding Tape Frame settings and 8 chords. It’s now possible to program in a gig’s worth of material and settings into Ellatron, turning her into a real performance tool.

And she’s had her organs revamped – the 3 somewhat anaemic ones have been replaced by a tonewheeltastic, Hammondabulous, Booker T-licious collection of 5 glorious Tape Frames.

And yes, we too have noticed the deliberate mistake – I haven’t yet updated the control panel to indicate Ellatron v 1.3! Doh!! Must do that before releasing to store ….

If you’ve used Ellatron, leave a comment with your thoughts!