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audio effects

Articles about audio effects:

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Twisted Tools has announced Rolodecks – a new effects package for NI’s Reaktor 5 – and we’ve got a sneak preview for you.

Rolodecks features two effects:

  • Rolodecks – Realtime dynamic multi-effect by Twisted Tools.
  • RoloEXT – A version of Rolodecks which allows you to insert your own effects.

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Retronyms Tabletop

When we covered the introduction of Retronyms Tabletop – a new virtual studio that turns an iPad into an expandable virtual music studio – many Synthtopia readers were impressed with the concept, but disappointed that add-ons were $5 in-app purchases.

One reader, Guy, put it like this:

I bought it.

It seems interesting but I’m not sure if I will use it over FL Studio. I’m having reservations about $5 for delay, $5 for flanger, $5 for reverb, $5 for bp filter, $3 for cross fade, $10 for mixer with sends. I’m happy to pay for a good app (all these synths as of late are starting to hurt the wallet) but how about $5 or $10 for the full pack?

It looks like Retronyms is listening. They’ve responded by slashing the prices on effects add-ons:

Thanks for making the Tabletop release such a success. In celebration, we’re extending the launch promotion – all effects are now a buck each!

Note to early adopters: If you bought effects before this promotion, ping us at or Facebook and we’ll hook you up with deals on future devices.

Not seeing the updated prices? Give it a few minutes. It can take Apple’s servers some time to update everywhere.

We’d like to see a $10-15 ‘pro’ in-app update that would unleash the Kraken and give you all the Tabletop goodies.

But we also see some value to Retronyms’ piecemeal approach. The in-app purchases give Retronyms an incentive to develop new add-ons, which should increase the value of the platform over time.

How would you like to see a virtual studio like Retronyms’ Tabletop priced?