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audio editor

Articles about audio editor:

Can editing audio visually open up new possibilities for sound design?

That’s the promise of a new app, Divide Frame’s Spectral Layers.

Spectral Layers analyzes audio and creates a graphic interface for editing the sound. On the horizontal axis, Spectral Layers represents time. On the vertical axis, it displays the audio spectrum.

Spectral Layers isn’t the first app to explore the idea of ‘Photoshop for audio’. Photosounder is an older app that brings new meaning to ‘photo synthesis‘ – acting as a bridge between the worlds of audio and images.

What makes Spectral Layers interesting, though, is its unique set of tools for working with the audio.

Check out the video demo above for an introduction to the application, its tools and their potential – and let us know if you’re interested in using Photoshop-like tools with audio.  Read more…


reforge audio editor for iPad

Audioforge Labs has released an update to Reforge for iPad.

What’s new in Reforge 2:

  • Complete rework of Reforge.
  • New audio engine
  • New Audiocopy and paste version (1.2.1)

Reforge is $5.99 in the App Store.