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analog tape

Articles about analog tape:

The Bob Moog Foundation has been awarded an “Archiving and Preservation Planning Grant” from the GRAMMY Foundation to assess the preservation needs of the over 300 reel-to-reel tapes in Bob’s archives.

These tapes include seminal works in synthesis from the mid-60s to the late 70s, such as works from Herb Deutsch, Wendy Carlos, Larry Fast, Isao Tomita, Keith Emerson, Roger Powell, Chris Swansen, John Weiss, David Borden, Joel Chadabe, John Eaton and many, many more.

The $8,000.00 grant provides for the assessment of the tape’s condition by a team of experts including an archivist, a preservationist (responsible for digital transfer), a historian and a copyright expert. The assessment team includes archivist Steve Weiss, Sound and Image Librarian for UNC-CH, preservationist Seva David Ball, recording engineer/mastering engineer, Soundcurrent Mastering, historian Douglas Babb, Curator for the Bob Moog Foundation, and intellectual property attorney Steven Schnedler. Michelle Moog-Koussa will be coordinating the project.

Once the assessment is completed, the foundation will have the opportunity to apply for a $20,000-$40,000 preservation grant to set about preserving the tapes in a digital format, so that they can be shared through the Foundation website, traveling exhibits and eventual Bob Moog Museum.

Image: Bob Moog’s analog tape machine


Matador records filmed a set of short documentaries on the all-analog mastering process by which Mission of Burma’s landmark recordings from the early 1980’s were re-mastered.

The process documented is vintage, old-school tape process. The gear is original. The vinyl is live cut.

It’s an interesting and timely set of videos:

Mission of Burma- Burma Reissue Mastering Sessions Part 1

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