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Articles about algorithmic:

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This video, via glenniszen, is a generative animation created with his new app Supernova, which is coming soon for iPad.

Supernova is an animated real time visualizer of exploding stars and nebulae. The animation is set to Vangelis’ Heaven & Hell Pt 1, which was featured in the soundtrack to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.

See the Supernova feature list below. Read more…


This is a demo of the Vektron modular synthesizer, designed by Niklas Roy.

The Vektron is modular in a different sense than traditional modular synthesizers. The device plays compositions which are stored on microcontroller modules.

The modules in this presentation are based on the Atmega family and are programmed in GCC (Arduino) and Bascom.

In general, the synthesizer can work with any other TTL Microcontroller as PIC, Propeller or even ones which don’t exist yet, as the computation happens on the module and the Vektron itself only provides the peripherals.