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Articles about AHNE:

Matthew Davidson (Stretta) does a great job at capturing fantastic images of synths, and his video from Analog Heaven Northeast 2010 is no exception:

AHNE (analog heaven northeast) is the annual gathering of analog synthesizer enthusiasts around the Boston area. The event is a unique opportunity to touch and hear many unique, rare and beautiful instruments.

While you drool over the images – don’t miss the music – a selection from an as-yet-unreleased long-form composition, by Davidson, realized entirely on a modular synthesizer.

More of Davidson’s images below. Read more…


YouTube Preview Image

Matthew Davidson (Stretta) captured this glorious synth porn video at Analogue Heaven Northeast 2009:

Once a year, analog synth enthusiasts gather to socialize and play rare and unusual musical instruments. I captured the May 2009 gathering with a Canon 5DmkII and a 50mm f/1.4 lens. I simply sat the Camera on a tripod, frame the shot as I would a photo, focused and captured.

The music was produced using a Euro-format analog modular, controlled by Volta. Aside from the drums (MOTU BPM), everything was analog.

The quality of the images is just gorgeous. The video not only captures luscious images of an amazing collection of droolworthy gear, but it also highlights Davidson’s visual and compositional talents.

If you like the soundtrack, go check out Davidson’s music.