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Ableton LIve Rack

Articles about Ableton LIve Rack:

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Free Music Software: AfroDJMac sent word of a freebie that he wants to share with Synthtopia readers:

Hey Synthtopians, I want to share a Live Synth Work Station I set up in Ableton.

It is set up for 7 virtual synths (all included) and 1 hardware synth/audio input. They are all routed into this week’s Ableton Live Rack, which is a multi FX unit.

I use this setup live and it is great for quickly switching sounds and morphing textures. I thought it would be nice to show a cool way to use Ableton as a Synth playground for live performances.


Check out AfroDJMac’s lates free Ableton Live rack in the video demo, above. You can download it via his site.

And if you give it a try, share your thoughts on what you think of it!


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Free Music Software: AfroDJMac sends word of another free Live Rack, Guitar Harmonics Synth:

Hi Synthtopia, I’ve created a synth using the harmonics of a guitar at the 5th, 7th, and 12th fret of each string. It is equipped with useful effects and the ability to switch samples and reverse them.

AfroDJMac is celebrating not just the release of his 20th free Live Rack, but his birthday. Check out the giant Live controller cake and give the guy a birthday wish at his site.

The Guitar Harmonics Synth Live Rack is a free download at AfroDJMac’s site.

For more great freebies – see our other free Live Rack posts and the Free Music Software category.