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keytarists for christ

Heads up for the worship keyboardists out there – Wildwood Church Worship Pastor Matt Faulkner wants to get you out of the choir loft and out in front, shredding.

He recently introduced a ‘Keytar Tuesdays’ section to his blog, Worship Keyboardist, and he’s already come up with a few goodies, like this video of Petra’s John Lawry, doing a little keytar face-melting on Jesus Loves You:

YouTube Preview Image

The bizarro keytar action kicks in at about 1:45 in.

Faulkner’s not taking this too seriously – as his choice of photo, above, demonstrates.

Still – we think he  may be on to something. What service wouldn’t be better with a little spirited keytar shredding?


4 Responses to “Keytarists For Christ”  

  1. 1 j


  2. 2 XOX

    That scared the absolute crap out of me. And they wonder why I don’t practice religion……

  3. 3 totomax

    I am glad I believe in something bigger than myself AND have a sense of humor.

    Life is short people…

    Thx for that post Mr Synthtopia.

  4. 4 zombitron

    The only thing that makes the Curse of Herbie Hancock worse…throwing jesus in the mix.

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