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Stalwart synthtopian MirlitronOne brought this video to our attention, raising the question of whether Matthew Bellamy of Muse might possibly have broken The Curse of Herbie Hancock.

The Curse Of Herbie Hancock (Google it) is the little-known, but unfortunate fact that Herbie Hancock is the only guy ever to look cool playing the keytar.

In the video for Undisclosed Desires, Bellamy is clearly seen holding a bizarre keytar axe-thing.

“Could be we’ve missed out on only the third keytar player to look cool (after Herbie Hancock and Brett Domino),” asks MirlitronOne, “Matt Bellamy?”

It’s good to know that readers are considering important questions like this.

We try to give readers something to think about on every page of this site. In fact, we put it in the right sidebar with the words “something to think about” over it – so you won’t have to think to hard to find it.

Yet , thoughts always seem to return to the ultimate question: Is there any chance that I might look cool playing the keytar?

Unfortunately, Bellamy fails to offer much hope. In fact, he spends the majority of the video being a keytar poser, rather than a keytar player.

We didn’t really want to go into this. But since a loyal reader brought this up…

One of these is not like the other, guys:


16 Responses to “Can Matthew Bellamy Make The Keytar Cool Again?”  

  1. 1 stretta

    What do you mean, ‘again’ ?

  2. 2 Julia Aremetis

    Watch and weep, boys.

  3. 3 synthfiend

    I submit that Prince and Justin Timberlake should also be included in the list of people who looked cool playing keytar.

  4. 4 Matias

    Actually his groaning made it look gayer than ever. Other vice keytars have always been more or less cool.

  5. 5 DEL

    I’d be curious as to what, exactly, this device DOES. He’s playing notes on the standard keys on his right, but clearly has dozens of fret-like buttons on the left. What do those do?

  6. 6 gerri scotti

    the right question should be:”Can Matthew Bellamy Make The Keytar Uncool Again?”

  7. 7 Andy H

    I would like to add Lady Gaga to the list of cool keytar players! She made her keytar look super cool mind you with those giant additions … see this link

  8. 8 Steve Codling

    Pat Meany from MuteMath has already done this for a few years, and quite a bit cooler as far as I’m concerned…

  9. 9 Bud

    Geez. I thought MirlitronOne had taste.

  10. 10 quentin

    uhhh Edgar Winter – Frankenstein? not cool? hardly!

  11. 11 iPadist

    Edgar Winter!!!!!! Thats COOL!!! Thats all kinds of cool. Soo cool in fact, that I must get a sweater right now. Those Winter brothers are so cool, that they deserve their name more than anyone, they make the winter it self feel warm.

  12. 12 iPadist

    I love, how Derringer gasps at Edgars instrument @ 0:33, like he saw something really huge at urinal. “Dude, that thing must be heavy”.

  13. 13 José

    Sorry, Mirlitron, I absolutely love Muse, but that unspeakable contraption is simply not cool, let alone Matt playing it. The Kaosspad guitar, however, is another thing.

    Agree with Synthfiend, Prince would look cool playing a bassoon (and would customize it, of course).

    Hey, didn’t Devo look cool playing that SH-101 on Letterman?

  14. 14 Scorch
  15. 15 Guiboardist

    That wasn’t Badass, it was just bad and ass.

  16. 16 MilitronOne

    I wish to refute the unwarranted allegation that I ever had ‘taste’. That is tantamount to to the slur that I have ever been ‘fashionable’.

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