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Andreas Schneider created this video tour of the new UK Testsalon to show why synth freaks from the UK don’t need to go to Berlin anymore:

The Testsalon inside Rough Trade East in London is the showroom installed by Schneidersladen, Berlin with the latest news in electronic hardware devices. The Video gives you an overview on how to get started with analogue synthesizers, modular systems, stepsequencers, drummachines, or filters from independent manufacturers like Doepfer, Sherman, MFB, TomOberheim, Makenoise, Cwejman, SND, Vermona and many others.

ll is connected with each other via Midi or cv gate and you can make some music easily .. if you are around.

Remember – “it’s not a shame to touch it”!


6 Responses to “Andreas Schneider Shows Why People From The UK Don’t Need To Go To Berlin Anymore”  

  1. 1 matthew

    Well, and what to do with those who are going? (i.e., me :)

    As far as I googled, Schneidersladen, Berlin was taking place in July 27th – July 29th. Does anyone of you know are there any other places with analog/modular gear to mess with? I’ll be visiting Berlin closer to the end of September. I would be infinitely grateful for any info, thanks!

  2. 2 Automageddon

    I was at the opening of the Testsalon in East London, 3 days later I order a case for a modular synth.

    @Matthew: Schneidersladen have a store in Berlin, no need to wait for an event, just pop in, make sure you have plenty of money with you…

  3. 3 dubdlr

    I’m definetly going tomorrow….!! (Fortunately I have no money at all, so I’ll no order a modular synth… lol=

  4. 4 Local Citizen

    Pink haired hotty at 1:38. Nice Rack and I’m not talking about the synths.

  5. 5 Alastair

    Very cool concept!

  6. 6 Fano

    This world needs more of those places.

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