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Synthesist Richard Lainhart, who’s also Jordan Rudess‘s ‘technical guru’, demonstrates how a controller like the Haken Continuum can be used to control the upcoming version of SampleWiz.

Using the Continuum allows for polyphonic control of Samplewiz along three axes (left to right, forward and back, and pressure).

The video demonstrates the value of building on standards and working on collaboration features in new apps.

Alternately, cynics may view this as a way to use a $5,000 controller to play a $10 app.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the combo!



6 Responses to “The Continuum Meets SampleWiz Via MIDI (Or How To Use A $5000 Controller To Play A $10 App)”  

  1. 1 d_v

    Also his beard guru?

  2. 2 synthhead

    It is pretty epic…..

  3. 3 @loquat

    this helps put things into perspective. There is enough CPU power available to produce great sounds the problem is a lack of expressive control interfaces….or maybe affordable, expressive control interfaces. The Continuum is too rich for my blood, but the Linnstrument and the Soundplane are two instruments I am looking forward to.

  4. 4 Sotiris

    I wonder when will someone create something like the Haken Continuum or a Jimmy Hotz Box or a sweet combination of these two as one iPad app to control real synths through MIDI …
    That would be a reason cool enough to consider putting an iPad in my studio.

  5. 5 sample my wiz

    take a wiz on your samples…with samplewiz!

  6. 6 beardo bernardo

    beardos aside…this is nice….impressive & expressive!

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