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Sunrizer coming to iPhone, ipod touch

BeepStreet has announced that Sunrizer – one of the most respected software synths for the iPad – is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch.

SunrizerXS has been submitted for review. Screen shot above.

It looks like BeepStreet is not handling this as a Universal App. We’ll be interested to see how patch sharing works between the two versions.

Pricing it to be announced. Full specs to come.


3 Responses to “Sunrizer Synth Coming To iPhone, iPad As SunrizerXS”  

  1. 1 Leslie

    I think this is way more interesting news for Sunrizer app:

  2. 2 synthhead

    [youtube GkxAvGkSnOA youtube]

    Lots of interesting things happening, aren't there?

  3. 3 Leslie

    I am really looking forward to see Sunrizer, NLog and updated Genome to be released ASAP.
    Can't wait… ;)

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