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Way Out Ware’s Jim Heintz demonstrates his latest creation, SynthX, with a dual-iPad synth jam.

via wayoutware:

Just a little morning Jam in the music shed using SynthX for iPad.

In this video I have an iPad 1 and an iPad 2, both running SynthX for iPad from Way Out Ware.

SynthX is available in the iTunes App Store at


6 Responses to “Jim Heintz’s Dual iPad SynthX Jam”  

  1. 1 Metatron72

    Has anyone else had click and pop issues on iPad 1 with this app? That aside it's a fantastic app with great sound and a fun interface.

  2. 2 TimewARP

    I am about to submit an update that corrects this issue… It should be in your hands soon.

  3. 3 Kevinicus

    This is one of the best iPad music apps. Any plans to make a Universal or an iPhone-specific version of the application?

  4. 4 TimewARP

    I have begun work on the iPhone ui changes…. I hope to have it universal soon. It will require a newer iPhone/iPod touch however… something with enough processing power. I am not sure what the minimum will be, but I have it running now on my son's iPod Touch 4th gen, and it works pretty well. It does not work on my iPhone 3g yet.



  5. 5 ulFons

    would be nice to get rid of those clicks …

  6. 6 TimewARP

    Check out the update. SynthX now has a voice count control that allows you to reduce the number of voices. By reducing the voice count you can completely eliminate the drop out issue. Also, if you reduce the output volume on the effects pane you can eliminate the perceived clicks that are caused by overdrive on the output.

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