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This video shows you how to build a DIY Akai APC 80 Ableton Live Controller, using an APC 40 and APC 20 for parts.

It’s not an official Akai product and it will void your warranties – but the DIY Akai APC 80 is pretty epic.

via delamartv


9 Responses to “Epic Akai APC 80 DIY Ableton Live Controller”  

  1. 1 BORAT!


    Seriously. It's friggin' sweet. If I had an MPC40 I would do this ASAP.

  2. 2 BORAT!


  3. 3 PaBlo

    Must be a APC 60!?

  4. 4 SynthFan

    And you know what the good part is? It has 2 Kensington security connectors so you can secure this even better than a regular APC40 :-)

    Seriously; this looks quite amazing. Though I'd call it an APC60 ;-)

  5. 5 @casimirsblake

    @SynthFan Oh, I do wish more pro audio gear manufacturers would place Kensington security holes in their products!

  6. 6 stellan0r

    only thing missing is a build-in usb hub for internal wiring, so you would only need one usb port and cable to your computer :)

  7. 7 stellan0r

    or build in a missing link for usb-midi to wifi connection and some batteries.. wireless apc-80 here we go!

  8. 8 Byteblock

    Shame he didn't fix the fucking hum while he was in there. I'd love to see a DIY video for that!

  9. 9 wes

    Ahh dude you didnt use any washers!

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