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Korg NanoSeries 2

At NAMM 2011, Korg introduced the new nanoSERIES2 - three compact USB-MIDI controllers.

Here’s the low-down on the updated Korg nano controllers:

  • The nanoKEY2 is equipped with 25 velocity-sensing keys and an advanced design for reliable recording.
  • For entering drum parts, the nanoPAD2 is the top choice. It boasts 16 responsive pads and an X-Y touchpad, just as on the Kaossilator Pro.
  • The nanoKONTROL2 provides knobs, switches, and faders – for controlling any DAW computer based DAW or numerous types of other music production software.

Each of the three nanoSERIES2 models is available in Black or White.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the updated nanoSeries is expected to retail at about the same price as the originals.


9 Responses to “Korg Intros NanoSeries II USB MIDI Controllers”  

  1. 1 iPadist


  2. 2 phonarr

    I'd like to see an audio I/O part to this series
    seems like something that would fit in well

  3. 3 drrn

    Kronos is a just a synth with nine synthesis engines. Nothing to do with this.

  4. 4 Polite_Society


  5. 5 Polite_Society

    have korg put any audio interfaces on any of their other gear?

  6. 6 No?

    What is the most ridiculously popular and one of the only whining points in Kronos?

    No drum pads any more.

    Perhaps "Kronos?" was meant to suggest thay this affordable item might put stop for whining. I suggest the little less affordable Arturia Spark, or a lot less affordable DSI Tempest for same job.

  7. 7 Polite_Society

    Perhaps he was asking if this had anything to do with Zeus's father, and if he had come back from Tartarus.

  8. 8 Fungo McGurk

    Rats, now I have NanoPad G.A.S. Oh, the agony! Imagine how much worse it is when I drool over a Solaris. OW! OW!

  9. 9 iPadist


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