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The video, via cosmcosm, takes a look at how to create a robot voice sound using the Vocoder in Ableton Live, as well as how vocoders work.


6 Responses to “How To Use The Vocoder In Ableton Live”  

  1. 1 shimmy

    COSM, you really make Live so much fun! Thanks for this video.

  2. 2 DX Kackhorn 14

    btw the live vocoder sounds REALLY good compared to alot of others out there

  3. 3 DJmonikr

    The Live vocoder is amazingly easy to use. Cosm usually shows the simplest of ways to do something, this being no exception. I've seen a lot of crazy pointless routing but this is by far the best way to go about it. Now to wreck a nice beach!

  4. 4 sparkleglass

    i heard a jewish guy lol

  5. 5 SynthFan

    Partly interesting IMO. There have been so much vocoder video's already that its a little bit dull. In this case Tom didn't present anything new here. Its basically the same info which Huston Singletary (Ableton Live Clinic) showed us; the main difference being of course using a sample as carrier instead of a playing a chord with a keyboard.

    By the way; that Photosounder gadget is nice but WAY overpriced IMO. I mean; $175 ?

    Sonograms can indeed give you a very interesting perspective on your sound, no question about it. But when using Live I'd recommend getting the Sonogram SG-1 VST instead:

    You can either check your sound data realtime or freeze it, you can tweak any settings you want and most of all; you don't need to export your audio first. And its free too, who can beat that?

  6. 6 DJmonikr

    I use Live and the routing shown here is the most simple I have ever seen. The video is dull and I love it for that. No flash. No sparkle. Just a generous person sharing his knowledge.

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