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Sunday Synth Jam: Live guru Tom Cosm jams with Ableton Live and 2 Novation Launchpad controllers.

via cosmcosm:

I have had these things for 2 weeks now, and this is my progress so far.

For a detailed explanation of how I set this up, visit the video response link to this video.

For more information about me, including many many more tutorial videos, visit

For more information about Ableton Live (the software) visit

The video was made in Amsterdam


3 Responses to “Ableton Live Jam Session”  

  1. 1 cperezzz

    A-BUG-TON Live 8 crashes alot.

  2. 2 groovesynth

    Yea, I downloaded LIVE 8 demo and it freezes up on me sometimes on my new macbook.I think I'll get SONY ACID PRO 7 like you said cperezz.

  3. 3 Domi

    dont listen to cperezzz… he has a vendetta against the company… posts un-constructive opinions that no one asks for under various different names… his quasi-clever a-BUG-ton pun is starting to lose its entertainment value…

    It's been a few months man…. at the very LEAST come up with a new, catchier rant… let it die with dignity…

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