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Here’s a little something for the keytar lovers out there – a Roland Ax-Synth shoulder synthesizer take on the solo from the Eagle’s Hotel California.

This solo probably could have benefited from some synthesizer face – but kicks enough Ax to join our venerable Sunday Synth Jam collection.

via gerry7557


6 Responses to “Hotel California Ax-Kicking Keytar Solo”  

  1. 1 Lazlo DellaPolla

    Mmm, I love sundays.
    PS: Those darn boards are so expensive!
    PPS: This video would have been so much better if it was a Brett Domino video..

  2. 2 synthhead

    Nobody releases new synth gear on Sundays – so it's a good day to bring out the synth jams!

  3. 3 MirlitronOne

    I KNEW the Eagles didn't need all those extra guitarists…

  4. 4 tekkentool

    expressive, so far this video has sold me more than any product demo on the ax-synth.

  5. 5 cperezzz

    The money I wasted on aBUGton Live could have paid for half of this cool ax-synth.

  6. 6 Jeffrey Rademan

    Interesting article for people like me who use hotels often. There seems to be so advivce available that it is overwhelming, but resources like this really help. Cheers!

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