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Music networking startup MusicianLink has introduced the jamLink – an Internet audio interface enabling musicians to play in sync from multiple locations across town or hundreds of miles apart.

The jamLink delivers CD-quality audio and works with guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals – basically any instrument or mic that has a 1/4” instrument output.

Here’s how it works:

The jamLink requires a high-speed Internet connection, a web browser and headphones. There is no software to install; It was designed with plug and play ease in mind.

The jamLink is equipped with an Ethernet port that connects it to your network and is controlled by software hosted by your computer’s web browser. Once users log into, they can manage and initiate the jamLink sessions as easily as starting a chat session. is a social network for jamLink users. Like other social networks, you can find and make friends, and connect with other musicians of similar talent and interests. Each jamLink user creates a profile and is able to search for compatible partners based on music style, instrument and ability. friends can share MP3 files, chat, and post messages.

The jamLink is now available directly from for $244 (introductory pricing) or save up to 25% when you purchase three or more.

If you’ve used jamLink, leave a comment below about your experiences with it!

More details and a demo below.

“After doing a lot of research and development, I realized that the only way to jam over the Internet was to build a dedicated piece of hardware that consistently provides the lowest latency and highest-quality audio. Audio cards, software, internal busses and operating systems each introduce too much latency,” said David Willyard, CEO of MusicianLink. “What is unique about the jamLink is that you get this “in-the-room” feeling, because you are playing in sync with someone who could be hundreds of miles away.”

Bandwidth Requirements

The jamLink requires a high-speed Internet connection. The recommended minimum bandwidths are 1,000 kbps upstream and 2,000 kbps downstream. The jamLink works with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems and uses a standard web browser for operation.


10 Responses to “New jamLink Audio Interface Lets You Jam Over The Internet”  

  1. 1 Cary

    [youtube T82Ot04aqNw youtube]

  2. 2 Cary

    [youtube T82Ot04aqNw youtube]

  3. 3 nally

    will this make it from CA to IL???

  4. 4 nally J

    will this work from CA to IL?

  5. 5 Brian

    Yes, absolutely! I know of a concert that took place between Santiago, Chile and Denver, CO using these boxes.

  6. 6 jazzer

    so kewl

  7. 7 Bret

    I just pooped

  8. 8 Rick

    i would need one too go about 2 ,000 miles

  9. 9 Aldo

    I guess you plug your instrument into the box and get a 'mix' through the headphone out. What a drummer do? …an overhead mic or a multichannel mix down I guess.
    Any body know if this would owrk for acoustic instruments mic'd?

  10. 10 Aldo

    And just to make things a bit more involved (read complicated) would a Skype session be able to provide a visual reference for everyone in a reasonably sized jam?
    I tried to visualize a typical jam taking place and this tool seems to fix the problem of getting the sound to everyone but a visual (even one with poor latency) would be of some benefit just to help get the 'in the room' feel.
    Any thoughts?

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