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PSD85_bigPrecisionSound has released D-85, a new sample library for EXS24 HALion Kontakt & SoundFont.

The Yamaha Electone D-85 is the source of sounds in the fourth volume of the Vintage Keyboard Collection.


The D-85 was released in 1980 and designed as an home organ a grandmas organ, for the “loaded” grandmas though, cause the price tag was around $10000. The D-85 is completely analog and uses a technique called PASS (Pulse Analog Synthesis System) developed for the legendary Electone GX-1. The sound of the D-85 is rich warm big and very much analog synth and not typical organ.

The Gothic choir sounds of the D-85 is superb and “Kraftwerk” type of sounding. The strings and pads are so rich and warm, you gonna love them!

The built in drum machine has a clearer, more thin sound than, for example, the Ace Tone/Roland and the programing are a bit more progressive and odd. All grooves has been sampled in low tempo and with different mixes so you have hihats, cymbals separated from kick snare etc.

All grooves and fills comes in both A, B and Mixed versions.

The D-85 SampleSet contains 511 24bit mono WAV samples of the instruments and 208 24bit mono WAV grooves. 208 Rx2 files for use in any Rx2 compatible software like Stylus RMX, Reason, Cubase etc. 52 programs for Logic EXS24 67 programs for HALion 1.1 and all versions above 71 programs for NI Kontakt 1 and all versions above 28 programs for SoundFont (16bit) compatible with all samplers supporting the Sf2 format like the free SFZ, Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Reason NN-XT and more. All formats are included when you buy the SampleSet.


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