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This is a demo of the RozzBox Oddulator, a new analog synth from L.L. Electronics.

via corporozzidentity:

Explanation and Demonstration of my new Synthesizer, the RozzBox Oddulator.

Please notice, that it is a prototype, the final version will be black, and will have much better Pots…


5 Responses to “The RozzBox Oddulator”  

  1. 1 Jon

    And by “analog” you mean “all digital”.

  2. 2 1234567

    So is this thing ever going to be released or what?

  3. 3 Adam

    Like the guy above me said, ever gunna be released?

  4. 4 @karlzt

    according to Trent Reznor is not going for production

  5. 5 @karlzt
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